Strategic Planning

The Axiom Strategic Planning solution enables the development of multi-year financial plans that are fully integrated with operational budgets and forecasts for ongoing monitoring and performance improvement.


Strategy definition and execution requires that stakeholders create long-range strategic plans, develop and track key performance indicators (KPIs), direct enterprise-wide initiatives and define corporate and/or line of business scorecards to monitor progress. When done effectively, corporate performance improves.

  • Capture the goals and initiatives needed to advance their organization's strategy
  • Build a long-range plan that considers both operational and financial drivers
  • Define, capture, calculate and publish KPIs and metrics
  • Create organizational scorecards and dashboards to monitor progress and course-correct as market conditions change
  • Define, evaluate and select key strategic initiatives and capital investments
  • Model the impact of multiple scenarios and the impact to operational budgets and forecasts



Axiom Software gives finance professionals the tools they need to model the implications of fluctuation in operational drivers and assess the viability of multiple scenarios and initiatives to pinpoint the incremental revenue, cost, profit, debt, and capital structure implications to which these initiatives contribute. With Axiom, finance teams can easily present multiple forecasts to executive decision makers on an ongoing basis.



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