Axiom Software is built on a powerful, flexible and easy to use technology platform that enables business professionals to manage all aspects of planning, reporting and analysis efficiently and with limited IT support.


The Axiom Software Cloud platform supports an integrated suite of performance management solutions. Leveraging the latest Microsoft architecture, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft® Excel® and cutting edge Web technologies, Axiom Software is both flexible and robust, handling even the largest and most complex organizations’ data, user and modeling requirements.

  • Scalable relational data model supporting large and unique data needs
  • Driver-based planning to cascade changes throughout multiple templates and hierarchies
  • Robust security model and auditing feature for complete control of the most granular elements of enterprise planning
  • Guided workflow to provide users with a summary of planning tasks and guided navigation of steps in any given planning process


The Axiom Software platform is deployed in a cloud environment that enables you to reduce IT overhead while receiving optimal system performance and unmatched security.

  • Accessible from any connected device
  • Fully configurable to fit the sophisticated needs of your organization
  • Owned by the Business - giving you the ability to change planning assumptions and dimensions in real-time with no need for IT support


The Axiom Software Cloud platform is fully equipped with decentralized enterprise grade user-based security enabling you to have complete control over the how your performance management data is accessed and shared within the organization.



  • Familiar Microsoft® Excel® interface for business professionals and power users
  • Functionally rich Web interface to promote broad adoption by business users
  • Administration-free deployments and updates

"We were able to build on our existing knowledge of Microsoft Excel and benefit from Axiom's intuitive table structure to transform simple spreadsheets into a highly scalable enterprise-grade application suite."
–Kate Wasecheck, Accounting Manager for Oregon State Credit Union


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