Budgeting & Forecasting

The Axiom Budgeting and Forecasting solution enables finance professionals to streamline the financial planning process and link operational drivers to financial results for improved organizational decision making.


  • Create and manage planning models that are connected to market and operational drivers of the organization
  • Evaluate the impact of changing assumptions on projected financial futures
  • Seamlessly integrate data from the general ledger, human resources, point of sale, fixed assets, transaction detail, and other systems and sources including market data
  • Engage in true enterprise planning with robust workflows, role-based security and automated report production that can support thousands of users
  • Spend more time on strategy and planning by reducing the amount of time spent reconciling and managing data
  • Leverage knowledge and expertise of Excel while eliminating the pitfalls of stand-alone spreadsheets 



The Axiom Budgeting & Forecasting solution easily integrates data from any source into a single repository for planning, analysis and reporting. Using robust data integration tools, Axiom automates the integration of data from GL systems, production systems, sales systems and even off-line spreadsheets directly into the Axiom database. Validation and alerting tools ensure data issues can be addressed and resolved quickly and in an automated fashion.



To respond to ever changing business realities, organizations must quickly model and adapt their financial plans to course correct and optimize performance. In a planning model, financials are outcomes - not inputs. Axiom leverages an easy-to-use global driver library to incorporate the right operational drivers into your financial planning model with precision.



Axiom supports all forms of planning including financial and operational budgeting, long-range planning, rolling forecasts, staff and salary planning, capital budgeting and sales planning. Axiom’s unique structure allows for an organization to plan at a detailed level (e.g. employee, sub-general ledger account, SKU) or at an aggregated level (e.g. summary accounts or organizations) – you decide. It supports both top-down and bottom-up planning or a hybrid model.

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